About Me

My passion for photography started when my oldest (Jedd) was born. I always picked up the camera to capture all the little moments and I am so glad I did. When Jedd was 4 months old we travelled around Australia & I purchased a better camera to get lots of landscape photos. If only I knew what I know now about photography as my photos would have been a million times better. When our little girl arrived (Eden) I decided to take photography more seriously and enrolled myself into a photography course. half way through the course I had a family approach me asking to do a family session. I was nervous as all hell but my god what a turning point. it kicked started what I have always dreamed of and I actually thought I could do this!

I'm a big believer in natural photography, someone who will never tell you to look down the barrel of the camera & smile. For me simple is everything. You doing YOU is everything.

Nicole x